June 4, 2018


Oleh: Vincent Suryadi, M.Sc., Psikolog

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May 24, 2018

Pilihan Karir Berbeda Dengan Orang Tua?

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June 20, 2018

Discover Yourself, Discover Your Future

By: Regina Rachel Poniman, B.A. in Psychology (Counseling and Development Intern)

Last Saturday on May 26th, at @america held an event titled “Discover Yourself, Discover the Future” together with Personal Growth, a well-established counseling and development center. The event took place in the at @america center at Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, featuring three special guests; Ade Safrina Nasution, Guntur Mallarangeng, and Iqbaal Ramadhan.This collaboration intends to inspire millennials for their journey of self-discovery from three intellectual sources who are personally experienced with studying abroad in the United States of America. In addition to that, this event successfully provided various information for students who are planning or currently studying abroad in the US. Hosted by Dea Rizkita, former Miss Grand International Indonesia 2017, and Felicia Nainggolan, clinical psychologist of Personal Growth, the evening was a success with approximately 250 attendants.

Our first source is Ade Safrina Nasution, an economic journalist at Berita Satu. She received her bachelor's degree in Universitas of Indonesia and her masters degree in economy in University of Illinois. Next is Iqbaal Ramadhan, a public figure who recently graduated from UWCUSA located in New Mexico. He is best known for his acting role of Dilan, in the movie Dilan released in early 2018. Last but not least, Guntur Mallarangeng, a venture operational manager at Convergence Ventures. He received his bachelor’s degree in University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in management at Kellogg School of Management located in Illinois. These three incredible people shared their education and work experience openly throughout the event.

The evening was filled with bright and inspirational moments. There were plentiful noteworthy messages to take home. Some points were:

● Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Step out of your comfort zone and live adventurously to find out who you really are and what you want to be. For example, when your parents expect you to pursue a degree and career in engineering, but you dream to be an economist, like Ms. Ade herself, she wasn’t afraid to stand up for her belief and pursued her dreams. She proved herself competent to her parents and successfully achieved her goals.

● Reflect on your actions and start by asking yourself questions. How can you improve yourself? How can you contribute your skills to the world? What can I do to pursue your dreams? If you are a student contemplating about studying abroad, ask questions like How can I benefit from this opportunity? Am I ready to live by myself? What experience can I get there that I can’t get here in Indonesia? How can I prove my parents that I am ready for this?

● When you feel like giving up, remember that life goes on a full circle. You may not be on top of your game all of the time. There will be moments where you need to put that “extra-effort” to keep on going in life. Your journey does not end when you become successful or fail.

● If you are debating on two or more passions to choose, such as deciding your degree major, remember that you don’t necessarily have to choose one. Dive yourself in opportunities that involves both of them. For example, you are passionate in both art and science, discover more about degrees that involves both subjects. Architecture, maybe? Or even, Psychology?

● It is not difficult to study abroad in the US. @atamerica provides unlimited resources towards future students who wishes to learn more about this topic. You can visit their website at atamerica.or.id or visit their center in Pacific Place Mall for any help needed. Feel free to ask anything! They are more than happy to help.

●  You can always pay a visit to Personal Growth where you can openly discuss your future education or career goals, talk about your life, and receive advice to fully become the best version of yourself. You can visit personalgrowth.id for more information or come by our center in Meruya, Jakarta Barat. In addition, you can also check out our instagram @personalgrowthid for more exciting contents!