March 15, 2018

Job Offer: Marketing Officer!

We’re looking for young, dynamic individu... read more

March 13, 2018

Child Abuse Itu Berbahaya!

Oleh: Dhea Rizka Priyanka

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March 21, 2018

Job Offer: People and Organization Development Consulta

We’re looking for young, dynamic individuals who are passionate to #IMPACTTHEWORLD!


Position: Consultant – People and Organization Development (POD) Services 


Who are we?

Personal Growth is a counseling and people development. Under Ratih Ibrahim's direction, Personal Growth is supported by highly competent psychologist and experts in their field to ensure the best and effective programs (Counseling, Coaching, Therapy, Seminar, Training, etc.) customized to the client's needs. In our continued expansion in People and Organization Development Services, we are looking for Consultants to support our projects. 


Job Description:

·   Create and develop POD content.

·   Sales pitch of products and services.

·   Follow-up with Clients.

·   Deliver various Assessment and Human Resource Development programs.


We are looking for candidates who are:

1.  A certified Industrial and Organizational Psychologist / A certified Clinical Psychologist with minoring of I/O Psychology / Master Degree in Human Resource Management

2.  Interested in People and Organization Development.

3.  Fluent in English (Written and Verbal).

4.  Well Groomed.

5.  Able to work well with the existing team.

6.  Achievement oriented.

7.  Experience working in HR and Organization Development is a plus!


Send your CV to:

Annisa Mega Radyani


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