Binus University - Dealing With Millenials

Dealing with millenials has become a trending topic because our future are the millenials. Binus International has invited Ibu Karina to talk about topics and tips of worth talking about within a University, as the children entering the university will be millenials. The participants were parents of the Binus highschool and also various teachers from different highschools. Ibu Karina was accompanied by dr. Dr. Aditya a gynacologist that started the seminar with sex education for teenagers. Ibu Karina continued the seminar, and introduces the topic on about how to deal with millenials as they become the majority of our future workforce; specifically on what millennials look for in their job environment. Ibu Karina brought the material with excitement that was felt throughout the room. This topic is shown to engaged the participants to understand how they should deal with their teens, and ask how different generations could interact and thrive from each others abilities. The Q&A at the end of the session brought questions from parents and most teachers to deepen their knowledge on the generations and mostly for tips on how to handle their children/ students.

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    22 October 2016


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    Bina Nusantara International University

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