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Ms. Karina Priliani, one of personal growth’s psychologist was called by Tunas Muda Highschool to give a seminar on how to teach positive attitudes to children, which also involves in how to implement manners into our children. The audience were middle school parents and teachers. Children in the middle school age are said to be in the process of forming their values, which means it is the right age to be implmenting the right values and manners. Positive attitude is very important to have as it shows how how you carry your daily activities and will impact on how you do your daily routines. It could also make you feel inspired and help your child’s self-esteem. The Middle School parents were very engaged in the seminar, some of them has shared their experiences with their children. They showed great intrest in the tips and benefits that were explained throughout the seminar

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    19 January 2017


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