Tunas Muda - Communication Skills for Parents

Communication between parents and their teen kids is always a struggle. Tunas Muda has invited Ibu Ratih Ibrahim to speak on how to effectively communicate with adolescents. The participants of the seminar were year 10 – 12 parents. Ibu Ratih Ibrahim has explained thoroughly the concept of effective communication in general but more specifically for parents towards their adolescent children. Many examples were given on how to level with adolescents, tips and tricks to get them to open up to parents. Parents were seen to be very motivated to learn, questions to elaborate were frequently asked. The Q&A at the end of the seminar has answered scenarios on how to deal with adolescents that are doing something that their parents do not approve off, and how to communicate with them peacefully. This seminar was shown to have given parents a lot of knowledge and insight on how to deal with adolescence through effective communication!

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    17 November 2016


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    Tunas Muda International School

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