PERSONAL GROWTH was established in 2003 by Ratih Ibrahim, MM Psychologist, together with Ratih Pramanik S, Psi, MM, and officially licensed under 'Akta Pendirian Perseroan Terbatas no 13, th 2008' issued by Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Personal Growth provides psychological services specializing in Counseling and Development center.

Our vision is to be involved in Nation empowerment through psychological education and health.

Our mission is to provide high quality psychological services, for individual or organizational purposes in order to achieve the healthy, smart , and competent society in Indonesia.

Under Ratih Ibrahim's direction, Personal Growth is supported by highly competent psychologist, experts in their field to ensure the best and effective programs, customized to the client's needs.


"IMPACT THE WORLD, TOUCH THE FUTURE", is part of Personal Growth umbrella campaign in series of activites in 2010. It reflects the idea that changes starts from one self .

Our Value: "Excellence is our standard”

Our Approach:
Highly experienced psychologists specializing in counseling are committed to assist you to get an objective and clear understanding about yourself in a friendly and warm environment.


Personal Growth understands the uniqueness of each individuals and their needs towards the fast ever changing world. With years of experience, Personal Growth has developed a credible excellent team to cater your needs in Psychological conseling and services.

Personal Growth Team is divided in to 2 areas:


Ratih Ibrahim

S.Psi., Psikolog, MM.

Child, Adolescence, & Marriage Counselor and Therapist

A certified clinical psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience, expertising in child, adolescence, and marriage. She works with a wide range of issues including psychological disorders, relationship problems, abuse (physical or mental), couple and marital issues, and problems related to sexual orientations. Because of her expertise, she is often invited to talk in seminars, coach in trainings, and to be interviewed regarding issues related to psychology. read more ...

Veronica Adesla

M.Psi, Psikolog

Adolescence, Adult and Marriage Counselor and Therapist

A clinical psychologist with more than five years of experience in working with adolescent and adult, helping through a wide range of problems, including interpersonal and relational difficulties, marriage, anxiety, trauma, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and addiction. She is also developing a new Self-Improvement Program to enhance career coaching and counseling.

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Kantiana Taslim

M.Psi., Psikolog

Child and Adolescent Counselor and Therapist

A child and adolescent psychologist who has passion in helping children and adolescents to be the best version of themselves . She’s been working with parents, children, and adolescents of varying ages and backgrounds, including working with children and adolescents who had family problems, emotional problems, also behavior, learning, and social difficulties. Her works and interests are ranging from intervention such as, counseling, behavior modification, relaxation techniques using resource development principles, parenting programme, family therapy, and training for a variety of clients.

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Monica Sulistiawati

M.Psi, Psikolog

Child and Adolescent Counselor and Therapist

A child and adolescent psychologist with experiences in helping children and adolescent with learning difficulties, emotional or relationship problems, and many more. She is qualified in practicing various types of therapy, such as art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy.

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Talissa Carmelia

M.Psi., Psikolog

Adolescent & Young Adult Counselor and Therapist

A Psychologist who has interest in both clinical and human resources area. Talissa believes that everyone have lots of potential, but people tend to focus on their weakness. Therefore as psychologist, she is passionate  to help people to see the best version of them. With deep understanding of human behaviors from her clinical psychology background, Talissa work with our clients to accelerate the development of their leadership skills and performance.

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Vincent Suryadi

S.Psi., M.Sc., Psikolog

Adult Counselor and Human Resources Specialist

A senior adult psychologist with more than 25 years experience in adult clinical psychology and organizational psychology. Vincent delivers assessments, training and organizational effectiveness services for a range of local and multinational clients in Asia. He got his Bachelor’s degree from University of Indonesia and a Master of Science degree in Asia Pacific Human Resource Management from the National University of Singapore.

Titi Prantini Natalia

M.Psi., Psikolog

Child & Adolescent Counselor and Therapist

A senior child psychologist graduated from University of Indonesia, with more than 20 years experience in helping problems of children and children with special needs. She is also often invited to be the keynote speakers in medias (radio, magazines, tabloid, and television).

Mellissa Grace

M.Psi., Psikolog

Adolescent & Young Adult Counselor and Therapist

Mellissa Grace is a clinical psychologist graduated from University of Indonesia. She is experienced in helping problems of teenagers, adults, and also contributing in Career Coaching.

Linda Setiawati

M.Psi., Psikolog

Psychologist in Adult Psychology

An adult psychologist who is interested in working with adolescents and young people with various topics, such as lack of self-confidence, interpersonal relationship, and academic problems (e.g., time management, stress management). She completed her thesis about personality styles and intimacy in young adults. She has also interest in several interventions, such as counseling, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), behavior modification, and relaxation techniques.